What is Vencode?
Learn more about what Vencode is, and how you can use our API and simple pay-as-you-go pricing to transcode video and audio.

Codecs we support

We support many video and audio codecs out of the box through our API and SDK's. To view a list of our codecs, please visit here. We also support many formats with default presets already in place - you may view that here.

How you will be billed

Billing works based on; the length of video that you are transcoding, the output codec, and the resolution. Each resolution (ranging from 480p to 4K+) has multiple difference prices per-output minute, per-codec. You can view a table of prices here. The first 5 thumbnail creations are free - see Understand Billing to view more.
You will NOT be billed for failed transcoding tasks that occur due to an error on our end.

The transcoding process

The process we use in order to take your video into the cloud for it to be transcoded, and sent back to you is as follows.
First of all, we create what's known internally as a "job". This job is data we take from the client (you) in order to process your transcoding task. We store all information sent to us, such as your input video URL, encoding options, outputs, and more. Your cloud storage credentials are encrypted before being stored in our database, and decrypted once handed to our transcoding process.
Here comes the cloud. We spin up an on-the-fly worker task to handle your transcoding job in an isolated container in the cloud (AWS to be specific). The worker then regularly reports back to our internal API with needed information such as progress and status changes. You can view certain updates on your process using our GET /api/jobs/:id/metadata endpoint.
You may cancel a job using the POST /api/jobs/:id/cancel endpoint. You may only cancel a job if it has not already succeeded, failed, or been cancelled.
If you provided a webhook URL to your job, we will send a POST request if your task SUCCEEDED or FAILED. Be prepared to handle both outcomes on your side with the appropriate action. Failed tasks (that are caused by our own internal error), you will not be billed for.
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